April 6, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!

Lili's first easter egg hunting.

March 13, 2010

in memoriam schurli

a few days ago a friend of mine lost one of the cutest cats in the world. schurli was sweet and soft, friendly and purry. I will miss him very much! the text was written by my friend.

February 20, 2010

chocolate girl

long time no see! I'm back with a few snapshots of my girl hatching the empty chocolate pudding packing. we took a shower afterwards ;-)

December 21, 2009

christmas is upon us!

this is a quickpage from the santas kingdom kit by NLD. I also used the alpha from the same kit. I love this kit, my christmas background is also from there ;-) !
 I hope to get a lot of nice pics on christmas eve, so I can make some christmassy scrappages soon!

this kit is available at shabby pickle designs

November 23, 2009

I love ice (cream)

so this is my second entry for the contest on thaliris' blog. I used the eraser (rubber?) tool a lot on this. that was fun, learning by doing! and I just realised the wrong spelling, well, can't change it anymore.

credits to thaliris frozen.

November 22, 2009

new header

I've made a header, could be better, but I like it.

credits: Rebecca B (rhumba tumba), AWP, thaliris frozen, LRiches +?

winter in vienna

this is a contest entry for the "frozen" dsb contest at thaliris' blog. you had to use her frozen freebie kits, and that's what I did. I might do a second page, because there are three contests.
this one is the entry for landscape:

November 20, 2009

baby's first christmas

this was last year

credits: NLD, kelly jo's scraps, scrappy bugs

November 19, 2009

happy child

the many faces of joy!

credits: thaliris, shabby blogs, rebeccaB, elegant word art + ?

November 18, 2009

strawberry girl

cute little strawberry girl, isn't she?

credits to: RebeccaB Rhumba Tumba, thaliris dreaminblue, NLD, bella gypsy, just so scrappy, bethany (ewa) + ?